Our Story


Hi, I'm Rebecca, the founder and owner of Intrigue Bath Co.

Intrigue Bath Co. was founded in early 2021 with the intention of creating products with sensitive skin in mind. I've struggled with my own sensitive skin for as long as I can remember. So many of the products on the market are full of ingredients that were irritating to my skin. For a long time I just accepted that my skin would always be dry and itchy... and then I was introduced to the world of soapmaking.

I started making my own soaps in 2019. It seemed like the perfect solution- and it was. I wanted a soap that looked and smelled beautiful. I wanted it to be made with ethically sourced ingredients. And, above all, I wanted a soap only made with ingredients that were gentle on my skin. I realized that a lot of people want the same things.

With the help of many family and friends, I've been able to grow that small wish into a line of products made with skin-loving ingredients at the forefront. My skin has never been happier- and I can't wait for you to say the same.